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tiger cubs

Tiger-Cubs Pre-K Martial Arts

Martial arts & life skills lessons for ages 3 1/2 to 5 years old

If you are searching for “martial arts lessons for 3 year olds” or “kids martial arts” in Colorado Springs, then Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is the academy you have been looking for. For over 40 years, Tiger-Rock has turned thousands of Tiger-Cubs into Black Belts on the mat and in life. Visit one of our locations today to get started!

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pre k martial arts

Pre-school & Pre-K martial arts lessons

Our early childhood martial arts program offers 30 minute lessons that will help develop your child’s mental, physical, and social skills in a play-based martial arts curriculum.

  • Increase your child’s attention span and awareness
  • Build motor skills and hand-eye coordination through each lesson
  • Simple approach to learning and practicing new skills through focus & concentration

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martial arts training life skills

Your child will learn essential life skills

Your child at this age is naturally curious and full of energy. Our Tiger-Cubs program helps your child channel that energy in a constructive activity that allows your child to be active, have fun, and learn important life skills!

  • Teaching sharing and social skills
  • Understand the importance of waiting their turn
  • Learn how to be coachable and how to follow instructions

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tiger rock tiger cubs program

Martial arts can be a great building block for childhood

Tiger-Rock’s Successful 7 Curriculum will give your child the essential building blocks for a healthy, active childhood.

  • Action-packed lessons that encourage teamwork and individual achievement
  • An environment that is supportive and constructive
  • An overall great program that will give your child a head start in life

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Why parents love Tiger-Rock’s Tiger-Cubs Program

Many of our long-time parents have reported their children:

  • Become less stressed and anxious through regular participation in martial arts
  • Become better behaved as they learned self-discipline & self-control
  • Become more patient, willing to follow instructions, and make better decisions

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How old does my child have to be to start in the Tiger-Cubs program?

To enroll in our Tiger-Cubs program, your child must be between 3 1/2 and 5 years of age.

Is martial arts safe for children as young as 3 1/2 to 5 years old?

Yes! Our Tiger-Cubs Program is very safe. In fact, martial arts is safer than most athletic activities for young children. Our martial arts drills are designed to be non-contact, easy to learn, and easy for young children to follow. We closely supervise each child in our Tiger-Cubs class to ensure they are properly following instructions for their safety and to prevent injury.

Do you offer Tiger-Cubs lessons at all of your locations?

Yes! Our Tiger-Cubs program is available at all three locations in the Colorado Springs area!

How do I enroll my child into Tiger-Rock Martial Arts?

Simple! The first step is to choose one our 3 locations in the Colorado Springs area. Then it is just a matter of contacting us to schedule your child’s first lesson!

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