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Adult Martial Arts Training

Life-changing martial arts classes for ages 16 and up

It is time for you to make the choice to become more fit, focused, and driven—and you can do it at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Colorado Springs.

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A stress-reducing, calorie-burning workout

Daily life has you stressed? Whether it is from work or home, stress can lead to issues such as high blood pressure, depression, and other mental and physical health problems. Working out is a powerful stress reliever. At Tiger-Rock, we offer an alternative to the typical gym environment.

  • Strength & conditioning, flexibility, agility, and cardio fitness
  • Lose weight, tone muscles, and improve your physical health, fitness, and acuity
  • Evening class times that are a great book end to an otherwise stressful day

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Protect yourself and those you care about with martial arts

Protecting yourself and your loved ones is a top priority—and rightfully so. You can replace money and belongings—but you can’t replace people. Learning self-defense gives you an additional life skill that offers a layer of protection in an unpredictable world.

  • Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and make yourself a less ideal target for an attacker
  • Learn how to escape, evade, or disarm an attacker
  • Learn how to quickly and effectively evaluate your surroundings and/or a threatening situation

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Improve your self-confidence and self-image

With a laundry list of to-do items and pressure from work and home, it is no surprise that even adults struggle with self-esteem issues. Our Tiger-Rock system encourages students to identify and nurture their best qualities and re-focus and motivate themselves to reach their own potential.

  • A positive environment that encourages self-improvement while maintaining a healthy self-image
  • Learn new skills and expand your personal horizons to build self-confidence
  • Feel good about yourself as you get into better shape, develop better habits, and increase your self-esteem

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The Tiger-Rock Difference

Many of our adult martial arts trainees tell us that since they started, they have seen:

  • A significant improvement in their on-the-job performance.
  • Much improved self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image.
  • An overall better feeling about their life in general.

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Frequently asked questions about our Adult Martial Arts Program

What do you teach in your adult martial arts classes?

Our adult martial arts classes are typically a mix of kicking and striking drills, instructions on self-defense techniques, and martial arts-based calisthenics. A major component of our adult martial arts classes is physical fitness, as it is tantamount to your skills development.

Why is martial arts training good for an adult like me?

Martial arts offers numerous benefits, such as life-changing improvements to your mental and physical health, weight loss, cardio fitness, and increased self-confidence and self-discipline.

How often should I attend martial arts classes?

Tiger-Rock recommends attending 2 to 3 classes per week. Consistency is key to gaining the full benefits of martial arts training.

How can I start at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts?

Simple! The first step is to choose one our 3 locations in the Colorado Springs area. Then it is just a matter of contacting us to set up your first class!

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