Aaron Tuck
Sr. Master Aaron Tuck

Multi-Academy Owner / Senior Instructor

Senior Master Aaron Tuck
Multi Unit Academy Owner / SENIOR Instructor
[email protected]

7th Degree Senior Master Black Belt

Certified TaeKwonDo Instructor

Martial Arts Training History:

Senior Master Aaron Tuck started his training in Martial Arts in 1987 in American Karate. He trained with this style for 5 years and then immediately made a quick transition from Karate into the Korean style of TaeKwonDo. At the transition time he started training at a Tiger Rock Academy in Austin, TX under the instruction of now 7th Degree Black Belt, Sr. Master Richard Johnson. He still trains under his guidance as well as with his Up-Lineage Senior Grand Master Bert Kollars and the other Tiger Rock Founders and Grandmasters.

Martial Arts Teaching History:

Senior Master Aaron Tuck began Teaching as an assistant instructor in 1995 and became a Tiger Rock Certified instructor in 1997 and has annually renewed his Certified Instructor certificate ever since by re-testing and completing all CEC seminars and requirements. He has also been certified in HanMuDo, Kasado, Brazillian JiuJitSu, & as a CDT Personal Protection Specialist.

Where Does He Teach TaeKwonDo:

Master Aaron Tuck is the Senior Advising Instructor for ALL Tiger Rock students and instructors in the Pikes Peak Region. He teaches Seminars and lessons at all three of the local locations and National Seminars for TRMAI. He spends most of his time teaching lessons at the Tiger Rock – North Springs Location where he is the Senior Instructor. He donates countless hours teaching seminars on Bully Awareness, character development, safety awareness, and PE classes at local elementary, middle school’s, High Schools, and other community organizations.

Personal Interests and Hobbies:

Mr. Tuck enjoys riding dirt bikes, skiing, hunting, jeeping, & making natural log furniture. Most of all he lives to be with his family!!!

Professional HIstory:

Senior Master Aaron Tuck has managed and operated Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academies for over 24 years now. He is the Franchisee and owner of two of the three Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academies in the Pikes Peak Region acting as their CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Senior Advising Instructor.

Senior Master Aaron Tuck
Multi Unit Academy Owner / Senior Instructor
7th Degree Senior Master Black Belt
Martial Arts Training History: